Mold Remediation

Mold remediation

Receive Reliable Mold Remediation Service

If you're constantly breathing in air that's contaminated with mold, you can end up with serious health issues. Let the professionals at P & T Environmental Contractors perform a mold test to identify the specific types of mold that are growing in your building's structure.

Once the severity of the mold is determined, our team will develop a plan for removing the mold that abides by OSHA, EPA, New York, and Connecticut regulations.

Contracts are available for mold remediation. Ask for FREE estimates by calling us at 203-943-3102.

Stop Mold From Spreading

As you know, mold causes severe health problems for children, seniors, and anyone with allergies, asthma, or a compromised immune system.

Stop mold from growing in your home or business by hiring P & T Environmental Contractors for mold removal work. We'll make sure that you and your family won't be affected by mold anymore. Rely on our over 40 years of combined industry experience for impressive results.
Get FREE estimates on mold remediation work.

Call 203-943-3102.
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