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Keep Your Home or Business Safe From Mold, Asbestos, and More

Did you know that your home or business could be filled with hidden dangers that can affect your health? Asbestos may be under your floor and ceiling tiles, while mold is often found behind walls.

Hire P & T Environmental Contractors to handle all the necessary tests to determine what kind of asbestos or mold you're dealing with.

Once the tests are complete, our experts will take care of the removal or remediation process to ensure your air is clean and safe.

Get FREE estimates on our services when you call us at 203-943-3102. House calls are also available. Trust our team for great results because we have over 40 years of combined industry experience.
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Asbestos removal

Restore Your Residential or Commercial Property With Sandblasting

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At P & T Environmental Contractors, we use high-tech sandblasters. From paint to rust, we can remove everything.

Remove old paint or graffiti from your building's exterior without creating a lot of dust when you hire us! Request an estimate online to get started.
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Get FREE estimates on mold removal service. Call 203-943-3102.
P & T Environmental Contractors will perform all necessary tests and complete any removal or remediation work.
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